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Chris Shaw, founder of Shaw Capital

Hi, I'm

Chris Shaw

Founder of Shaw Capital. Voracious reader. Avid traveler. Active musician, volunteer, and gymnastics fan.

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    Shaw and Partners

    We are a US-based company, but we live and work across Brazil and Ukraine. We help companies scale development capabilities by providing cost-effective, low-effort, high-quality, English-speaking development teams in nearshore locations and US / EU time zones.

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    Shaw Capital

    Currently houses three software product assets and is looking for new projects.

  • Products

  • Timofi logo


    Timofi lets you manage and automate all job application processing to save time on hiring the right candidates.

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  • LoveTank logo


    Love Tank helps you to speak your partner's love language, not yours. And most importantly, when they need you to.

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  • MergeOps logo


    The lowest cost enterprise-grade Kubernetes-as-a-service for dev environments on AWS.

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  • Let's Party logo

    Let's Party

    Connect with your favorite gatekeepers to create your best memories in life.

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  • Radio Engine logo

    Radio Engine

    Audio engineer business platform for scheduling, contracts, file management, and payments.

    Radio Engine screenshot
  • Projects

  • Florianópolis Style logo

    Florianópolis Style

    Everything I would have liked to have known when visiting Florianópolis for the first time

  • ShoutYeah logo

    Registered trademark for “Yeah” and filmed people across U.S. emoting positivity.

  • Gifts logo

    Created sound-body suit to help re-enforce physical behavior with sound for a blind and mentally challenged infant.

  • SF Evening Rotary (Co-founder) logo

    SF Evening Rotary (Co-founder)

    Co-founded volunteer group to connect a younger generation to the aging Rotarians’ history of good works.

  • RYLA logo


    Camp counselor, developed website, raffle campaign, and group leader between camps.

  • Have Some Fucking Compassion logo

    Interviews with homeless on Haigh in San Francisco

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"Perfection in utility, perfect consistency."- Lao Tzu
"The difference between good and excellent is detail."
"Music isn't handed down generation to generation, playing is."
"Art is like dinner. If you didn't make it you're missing out on the best part."
"Who am I to know myself?"
"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."- Picasso
"Counter-intuitive is often confused with counter-intellectual"
"Desire is the shadow of love"
"And still, there is nobody that can guarantee me and convince me with 100% certainty that I shall not survive but end in the gas chamber... As long as I have no guarantee that I will have to die within the next days, I continue behaving and acting as if I would spare this fate."- Viktor Frankl
"May you never die until I kill you "- Humphrey Bogart
"A german joke is no laughing matter."- Mark Twain
"Intelligence is the speed with which you organize emotions."
"Sharing is reflecting back onto you."

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